Fruitive, a leader in healthy, whole-food, plant-based meals in a fast casual setting, has announced its latest industry innovation with the launch of ProduceBlends, a new line of blended fruit and vegetable beverages. ProduceBlends, which are made from whole fruits and vegetables, offer a delicious, nutrient-dense alternative to cold-pressed juice.

“This is the healthier way to drink fruits and veggies,” said Gregg Rozeboom, founder and CEO of Fruitive. “Our ProduceBlends are a major upgrade to the juices that have been one of our specialties since 2011. But ProduceBlends are more efficient and more sustainable. They’re packed with 100 percent of the nutrition available from the ingredients we use, and because they use whole fruits and vegetables, there’s no waste.”

This summer, Fruitive is upgrading its entire menu of juices, which have been a staple since the first Fruitive location opened, with ProduceBlends.

Juicing removes fiber and pulp, where many nutrients can be found, including some that support healthy tissue and a healthy immune system. Blended drinks retain the full nutrient value of their ingredients and produce no unnecessary waste.

“Blends are the future of liquid nutrition,” Rozeboom said. “ProduceBlends are more efficient than cold-pressed juice and just as convenient for consumers. They’re a better value, too, and by eliminating the waste that results from the juicing process, blends are more earth-friendly and sustainable.”

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