Beginning March 1, GOOD PLANeT Foods, premium plant-based, allergen-free cheeses, will be available for a limited time at select Fuddruckers restaurants, alongside other new plant-based menu offerings. 

“We’re excited to partner with Fuddruckers to help bring the joy of cheese to customers who are flexitarian, vegan, plant-based, or are just looking for options that are better for you, as well as PLANeT Friendly,” says GOOD PLANeT Foods co-CEO Bart Adlam. “Customers will get to experience the taste, creaminess, and melt of our delicious plant-based cheese in a new setting, giving them an opportunity to enjoy their favorite menu items with a dairy-free twist.” 

GOOD PLANeT Foods’ cheese offerings will be available on Fuddruckers burgers, sandwiches, and salads as a way for customers of the premium burger chain to Create Your Crave®.  GOOD PLANeT Foods is emerging as a plant-based player in the foodservice industry and our offerings will be available at select Fuddruckers restaurants in Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, and Virginia.

“Fuddruckers has existing and potential customers who swear by plant-based fare,” says Fuddruckers CEO Nicholas M. Perkins. “Working with a first-rate supplier like GOOD PLANeT Foods enables Fuddruckers to cater to cheese lovers who are seeking healthier options, watching their dairy intake, or who simply can’t tolerate dairy.”

Today, Fuddruckers is still the only gourmet hamburger experience that is totally customizable, allowing you to have the power to “create your crave.” As a national restaurant company, Fuddruckers is proud to be the only 100 percent African American hamburger franchises in the U.S. with more than 92 restaurants across the country. 

GOOD PLANeT Foods is available in over 1,200 retail locations nationwide, expanding its product lines with more first-of-its-kind innovations to come in order to bring joy and do GOOD for the PLANeT in addition to providing plant-based cheese for food service.

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