Gigi’s Cupcakes is ringing in the New Year with the introduction of gluten-free versions of its gourmet cupcakes. Now, guests who prefer to follow a gluten-free diet can enjoy cupcakes in their favorite flavors every day of the week.

Each Gigi’s Cupcakes bakery is now offering at least three different flavors of gluten-free cupcakes daily. The weekly gluten-free cupcake menu can be found at and features customer favorites such as Wedding Cake and Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip. Many locations will also bake up gluten-free specials unique to their neighborhoods and special orders are available on request.

“We are thrilled about kicking off the New Year with our gluten-free menu,” says Gigi Butler, founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes. “Providing our customers with gluten-free options of the world’s best cupcakes every day of the week is truly exciting for us.”

In addition to a wide range of gourmet cupcakes now available as gluten-free options, Gigi’s Cupcakes offers an assortment of gourmet desserts, including stuffed cookies, pies, cheesecakes, mini cupcakes, and custom cakes, including wedding cakes. All cupcakes, including gluten-free ones, are freshly baked and decorated daily at local Gigi’s Cupcakes bakeries.

Gigi’s Cupcakes’ new gluten-free menu only includes cupcakes baked without gluten; however, gluten-free cupcakes are prepared fresh in the same kitchen as menu items containing gluten, allowing for potential cross-contamination. Because the equipment comes in contact with products containing gluten, Gigi’s Cupcakes’ menu items cannot be certified as gluten-free products. It is not recommended for guests with severe gluten allergies or Celiac Disease.

Guests can view the daily offering of gluten-free cupcakes online or by visiting their nearest Gigi’s Cupcakes bakery. 

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