Dayton, Ohio-based Globe Food Equipment Company recently introduced their redesigned Mid-Size Electric Sandwich Grills. Both models (GPG1410 and GSG1410) are constructed of stainless steel with heavy-duty, seasoned cast iron grill platens. The 14"x10" surface size is perfect for grilling a variety of sandwiches, vegetables, meats, chicken, and more.


Their new low profile, ergonomic design, and non-skid rubber feet make these units ideal for compact spaces. The grooved (GPG1410) and the smooth (GSG1410) units have a heavy-duty hinge with adjustable tension, thermostatically-controlled temperature range of 220°F-570°F for consistent heating, and durable, stainless steel tubing to protect wires.


From the single and double Bistro (10"x10") units, to the redesigned Mid-Size units, to the single and double Deluxe (14"x14") units, Globe has the grill solution for every kitchen.

For further information on the redesigned Mid-Size Electric Sandwich Grills or any of Globe’s food preparation and countertop cooking equipment, please visit

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