go2® Systems Inc., the world’s first location-based directory and
information services provider for users of wireless devices, today announced an agreement with Miami-based
Burger King Corp.

Burger King has registered as a go2 merchant and will use go2’s
patented location-referencing technology, content-rich, real-time
directory services and promotions programs to extend its brand
and its reach to the mobile consumer by helping wireless
customers locate all 8,300 BURGER KING® restaurants.

Burger King will leverage go2’s wireless technology to extend their
reach to a new medium and a new customer base. By providing
their customers always-on, real-time delivery of location data
pertinent to their restaurant locations, Burger King enables their
customers to find, by online or wireless access, the restaurants
nearest to them — no matter where they are.

Burger King® customers who are using Web-enabled, wireless
devices will receive driving directions, click-through calling options,
specials and promotions through go2’s suite of award-winning
location products and services.

“By integrating go2’s cutting-edge, wireless technology and products with the BURGER KING® restaurant location
information and promotions, we’re utilizing the best available vehicle to give mobile customers access to our brand,
restaurants and specials,” said Cindy Syracuse, director of interactive and adult promotions, Burger King.

“We believe the future of pervasive mobile computing presents a large opportunity and we’re eager to give
Burger King® customers the simplest and most effective way to find us—wirelessly.”

go2 is designed to help consumers find real-world businesses, products and services by leveraging the power of the
Internet through wireless devices. go2’s services, such as addresses, directions and promotions, are available
online and through Web-enabled devices such as cell phones, PDAs and pagers and are featured on the wireless
programs of virtually all North American carriers including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Nextel and Cingular.

“Signing Burger King Corp., one of the nation’s largest restaurant companies, as a go2 customer is a major step
toward helping our users save time and money,” said go2 president and CEO Lee Hancock. “We’re pleased that
Burger King Corp. recognizes the usefulness of go2’s wireless technology, products and services, and we’re
delighted to have such a blue-chip customer on board.”

The agreement comes at a time when more and more people are accessing the Internet by using their wireless cell
phones, pagers and PDAs. While there were few wireless data subscribers at the beginning of this year, Goldman
Sachs Global Equity Research estimates that the number of U.S. mobile Internet subscribers will approach 60
million during 2003, according to the group’s September 2000 report.

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