Great Harvest Bread Co., a 40 year-old farm-to-table bakery-cafe brand will offer an array of limited time bread, pastries and desserts for Valentine’s Day. From now until February 14, customers can help themselves to a variety of sweet, delightful treats to share with their special someone.

Each Great Harvest bakery-cafe will offer a collection of seasonal, made-from-scratch bread. White Chocolate-Cherry Swirl Bread is back, and is filled with white chocolate chips, tangy dried cherries and swirled with dark brown sugar. Chocolate Babka, a delicious Eastern European bread with a rich, chocolate-swirled center, will also be offered. Guests can also enjoy the Chocolate Brownie Bread, a classic, moist cake-bread full of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

The Valentine’s Day lineup at Great Harvest also includes an assortment of delightful, handcrafted cookies, including White Chocolate-Cranberry Cookies and frosted sugar cookies with Valentine’s Day-inspired themes. Great Harvest will also offer brownies, cinnamon rolls, muffins and scones. Each Great Harvest bakery-cafe is unique, owned by local community members, and will offer additional, exclusive seasonal menu items.

“Valentine’s Day is a special holiday, centered on connecting with the one you love over sweet, delicious treats,” says Eric Keshin, president of Great Harvest Bread Co. “We take pride in our handcrafted, made-from-scratch bread and goodies, and are honored to be a part of our guests’ Valentine’s Day celebrations.”

Along with the seasonal items, Great Harvest will continue to serve breakfast, sandwiches, soups, salads, grain bowls and desserts throughout all three dayparts. Dubbed ‘Bread Heaven’ since 1976, each Great Harvest bakery-cafe bakes bread from scratch. Wheat flour is milled on-site each day, from wheat berries shipped in from the Golden Triangle of Montana. Every loaf of bread is kneaded by hand, and served fresh to all guests who enter.

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