The development of Vegawatt from Owl Power Company allows restaurants to now run their operations on waste vegetable oil. The new product enables restaurants to reduce their need for electricity and natural gas supplied from utility companies by using their waste vegetable oil to create electricity and hot water.

“It is with great pleasure that we endorse this product—groundbreaking truly is the word to describe it,” says Michael Oshman, CEO of the Green Restaurant Association. “The product’s environmental merits are outstanding. By supporting renewable fuel, the Vegawatt reduces the amount of traditional, petroleum-based, nuclear, coal, and large hydropower fuel typically associated with energy production.”

Any restaurant with fryers can use the Vegawatt system to save as much as $800 a month. It’s a fully automated system that requires no intervention or maintenance by restaurant staff, no additional chemicals, and produces no liquid byproducts.

“As businesses everywhere are taking a hard look at their energy costs and their environmental impact, Vegawatt enables restaurant owners to help themselves and the planet at the same time,” says James Peret, president and CEO of Owl Power Company.