Groupon launches the Merchant Impact Report, a free tool built into the Groupon Merchant Center that offers merchants a clear view of how Groupon is driving their business by making it possible to evaluate the performance of their promotion.

After a successful trial among more than 1,000 merchants, the Merchant Impact Report is now available to U.S. and Canadian merchants with a Groupon Merchant Center account. Highlights of the new tool include:
Marketing Analytics – Reveals the total number of Groupon subscribers who received a merchant’s deal via Groupon as well as analytics on which subscribers are purchasing the offer, broken down by geography, gender, and age
Customer Insights – Shows the percentage of customers new to the business or reactivated as a result of working with Groupon and the estimated percentage expected to return within 90 days
Profit Calculator – Helps a merchant estimate the cost-effectiveness of each Groupon promotion, which includes payments from Groupon, overspend above the value of the Groupon, revenue generated by returning customers and the merchants’ costs
“The Merchant Impact Report was created as a result of our merchants’ feedback and is designed to provide a clear, concise view into the effectiveness of their Groupon promotions,” says Amit Koren, director of merchant products, Groupon. “Until today only the largest companies had access to this kind of information, and now we’re providing these powerful analytics to every local business that works with Groupon.”
“As a small business owner, I appreciate the depth of information provided and how convenient and easy it is to review the success of my Groupon deal,” says Jake Parks of Jake’s Coffee, Tea & Sandwiches in Ripon, California. “Seeing the extra dollars spent over the deal value and the amount of repeat customers provides tangible proof that Groupon works.”
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