The Gyro Shack, Idaho’s own homegrown brand renowned for its “Mediterranean on the Move” menu offerings announced today another sur-“fries” addition to the menu—fries.

Fans of The Gyro Shack can now order their favorite deep-fried potato dish as a snack or a side at participating locations. Deep-fried to a golden brown, guests can let their taste buds take the lead and customize their fries to fit their cravings. The Gyro Shack fries can be ordered plain and lightly salted or customers can “Go Greek” on any size of fries and add a spritz of olive oil, a portion of feta and oregano. 

“Embracing our true Idahoan nature, The Gyro Shack uses the highest caliber of potatoes, cut and deep fried to a perfect crisp. With a variety of options, toppings and serving sizes, fans will love how customizable the fries are to meet their flavor palates,” says Doug Miller, CEO of The Gyro Shack. “We’re excited to officially have fries on the menu, which we anticipate turning into a go-to staple for customers who want to be able to cater to their craving for delicious Mediterranean food on the go.”

Guests can also order a new “appetizer” size of Greek Fries, which serves two to three people and includes a generous portion of olive oil, feta, and oregano. Guests can also order the Greek Fries “loaded” by adding gyro meat along with any of the other 26 topping choices that The Gyro Shack offers.

The new addition of fries on the menu is the third major menu announcement for the brand in recent weeks, as The Gyro Shack continues to expand its menu to cater to customers’ fast-paced lifestyles and love for authentic, unique Mediterranean cuisine. The fresh addition of fries along with recently added rice bowls and salads compliments the brand’s signature gyros to support the new tagline: “Mediterranean on the Move.”

With the fries and other new menu options and tagline in place, The Gyro Shack continues to innovate its menu and enhance its brand experience, constantly evolving them to fit the modern lifestyle and Mediterranean menu preferences of loyal customers.

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