Gyroville—a Fort Lauderdale-based fast-casual restaurant chain known for its Greek-inspired, build-your-own-plate menu offerings—is set to debut in Coral Springs.

Opening early next year, the location will be owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Irving and Maria Rodriguez, who met while serving in the New York Police Department.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Gyroville’s diverse menu to the Coral Springs community,” says Irving. “Mediterranean food is among the world’s healthiest diets, and we truly believe that the healthy fast-casual concept can fit into anyone’s lifestyle.”

Maria and Irving were both working with the NYPD during the 9/11 attacks, an experience that shaped the rest of their lives. Seeing the response from the community only made the couple feel more connected to their city, which encouraged them to give back in any way they could. Now, Gyroville gives the former police officers the opportunity to give back in new ways to a new community.

“We were able to give back to the city of New York for many years through our work, and now we intend to help out in any way we can in Coral Springs,” adds Maria. “Retirement doesn’t mean we stop giving back.”

Pronounced just like the word looks, rather than the Greek pronunciation, which is more like yee-roh, Gyroville provides an interactive, build-your-own concept that allows guests to follow their choice of protein from the grill or vertical spit and served in a pita, over rice, as a wrap or salad.

Gyroville has various protein choices from which to choose, including gyro meat, chicken or falafel as a vegetarian option. Next comes the modern twist on traditional Greek restaurant cuisine. Customers can choose between six sauces made fresh daily. These include original tzatziki, hummus, spicy feta or one of our variations of our original tzatziki; Medichurri Salsa or jalapeño spinach.

Freshly chopped romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, Jalapeno peppers, and onions are among the many condiments which can also be added to the food.

“We’re disrupting the fast casual scene and proving that the build-your-own style concept can be fresh, unique and flavorful,” says Gyroville founder Lambros Kokkinelis. “Our franchise has really taken off over the past year and the future is incredibly bright. We’re so excited to welcome the Rodriguez family to the Gyroville family, and look forward to feeding the growing consumer demand for the healthful and wide-ranging cuisines of the Mediterranean region.”

The local expansion news comes on the heels of Gyroville’s recent announcement to expand its national footprint with as many as 30 new restaurants over the next five years. In addition to continued growth throughout Florida, targeted growth markets include Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.  


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