Michigan favorite, Halo Burger, announced they will give 25 percent of all gift card sales to their Halo Burger Family Fund, a program dedicated to supporting their employees amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week, the brand temporarily closed their doors in an effort to prioritize the safety of their staff and community.

Upon temporary closure, the brand donated over $11,000 of perishable food product from closed restaurants directly to all Halo Burger employees.

In addition to the donation of food, the Halo Family Fund was launched to assist staff affected by the closures. Immediately, the ownership group controlling Halo Country, LLC, Halo Burger’s parent company, donated $10,000 to stock fridges, buy gas and ensure no employee or their family would go without necessary household items. Additionally, Halo Burger received an anonymous $5,000 donation to go towards the cause.

Until the brand re-opens, guests are encouraged to purchase gift cards at www.haloburger.com/shop and leave comments on social media pages thanking employees for their service

“We’re a people first company,” says David Walters, co-owner of Halo Burger. “We were one of the first brands in the country to close dining rooms and move to a strict drive-thru and delivery only model. Safety of our staff and the public has been our number one concern since we’ve learned of the outbreak and we’re confident that temporarily closing our doors is the right choice given what’s going on in our country.”

Halo Burger has been aggressive in their measures taken to battle COVID-19 including implementing increased daily cleaning efforts; encouraging those who feel sick to stay home and recover; sharing information with the team about how to keep themselves and others safe; and working alongside local, regional and national partners. More information on these measures can be found at www.haloburger.com/safety.

The brand has also taken steps to ensure employees have necessary information during this time, including building a support page online, providing a point of contact to help individuals with questions or concerns and monetary support through the Halo Family Fund.

The brand has not yet announced a firm re-open date but has indicated they will alert the public on their website as well as their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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