Healthy Bites Grill, one of the country’s first quick-serve restaurant franchises to feature gourmet health food, provides fast, nutritious fare to a broad spectrum of customers. A variety of all-natural menu items are available here, all at the speed of traditional burger joints.

As the restaurant’s popularity shows, the idea is just what some quick serve patrons have been wishing for. In the seven months since it opened, the first Healthy Bites Grill has demonstrated the potential of its unique concept, setting the stage for a planned expansion of franchised outlets and other company-owned stores.

“We’re delighted with the popularity and success of our new concept,” says Douglas Baker, CEO of Health Express USA. “It proves that healthy food can be offered in a way that’s appealing to everyone.”

For example, the restaurant’s signature sandwich is the Grilled Portabello Philly, topped with roasted red and green peppers, Bermuda onions, and a choice of Feta, soy or mozzarella cheese—all served on an organic whole grain bun. And, for those who cherish a hearty traditional burger, Healthy Bites Grill offers the all-natural Buffalo Burger, a super-lean high protein delight that has less fat, calories and cholesterol than chicken.

“Our aim is to appeal not only to those who want healthy food, but also to those who simply appreciate high quality food,” added Baker. “Americans are eager for the opportunity to eat right while eating fast.”

The Healthy Bites Grill menu offers burgers, salads, pizza, sides, smoothies, and desserts, all with a natural focus. The menu features items that appeal to all tastes, with a consistent emphasis on quality.

“By offering ‘Gourmet Good Stuff on the Go,’ Healthy Bites Grill is making healthy eating attractive to a wide population,” Baker says. “The menu is not only good for you—it’s also appetizing and convenient—and economical, too.”

Those in a hurry can pull up to the drive-thru window to order anything from a grilled tuna steak sandwich to Athenian and Harusame salads. Located on busy Commercial Boulevard, just north of downtown Fort Lauderdale, the company’s flagship restaurant also offers delivery in the immediate neighborhood, and plans to expand into other areas in the future. But to fully appreciate the Healthy Bites Grill experience, diners may choose from a variety of dining settings—from patio tables to the juice bar.

“We believe the time is right for the concept,” says Baker. “The menu appeals to everyone from health and fitness enthusiasts to senior citizens who want to watch what they eat—and to anyone else who appreciates good food that’s well prepared and high in quality.”

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Health Express USA is the result of years of research and planning. For more information, call 800-575-4144.

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