Tastee-Freez adopted a new national slogan at its annual national advertising meeting in Utica, Michigan.

The new slogan, “Sweet Sensations, Hot Temptations,” reflects the diverse menu featured in the chain’s restaurants, a menu chain officials say varies from unit to unit but always includes an array of delicious frozen dessert entrees and hot toppings.

Tastee-Freez officials say the opportunity exists for the chain to be a formidable contender in the fast food/frozen dessert sector. Developing a new slogan is part of the chain’s effort to continue to strengthen and leverage the Tastee-Freez brand identity.

Tastee-Freez is known for its soft-serve ice cream treats, but about 60 percent of locations also feature a fast-food menu with items like hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, and french fries. The new slogan is an umbrella for the many different products served at Tastee-Freez locations.

Tastee-Freez menus range from full breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert offerings to dessert-only operations. Over the years, slogans such as “These are Tastee Times” and “The Hottest Cool Around” have been attached to the Tastee-Freez signature products, including the Old Fashioned Sundae, Freeze Parfait, and Banana Split.

Tastee-Freez is a nationwide chain with 250 locations in 36 states and Panama.

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