Humphry Slocombe and Top Chef finalist Melissa King have joined forces once again to create a one-of-a-kind, exclusive ice cream flavor in partnership with Whole Foods Market. The perfect adult treat launching just in time for summer, Mango Mojito is now available exclusively in more than 150 Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California, the Southern Pacific, Pacific Northwest, and Rocky Mountains regions.

Mango Mojito is the first-ever boozy flavor and fifth exclusive flavor resulting from the powerhouse brands’ collaboration. Ice cream aficionados can stop by their local Whole Foods Market now to pick up the Mango Mojito flavor, available at stores in the Southern Pacific (California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Hawaii), Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho), and Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico) regions. The specialty flavor is also available in Humphry Slocombe’s five Bay Area and Los Angeles scoop shops, with pint packages launching for nationwide delivery via Goldbelly.

 “It’s always fun to work with my ice cream co-conspirator Melissa King, and this time I think we have come up with a great grown-up summer flavor. Mango Mojito sums up who both of us are: tangy and minty with a splash of rum—it’s sassy,” says Jake Godby, co-founder and chef, Humphry Slocombe.

Reminiscent of the popular summertime adult beverage, the creamy Mango Mojito ice cream features a festive combination of mango, mint, and lime with a splash of Cuban rum. The wonderfully refreshing flavor brings the magic of a perfectly mixed cocktail right to your cone, cup or pint at home. The boozy creation is one of several cocktail-inspired flavors for the 10-year-old ice creamery, which is currently in the midst of a year-long series of liquor-infused ice cream flavors. Further, Mango Mojito is the latest creative concoction in Humphry Slocombe and King’s popular series of pints launched exclusively at Whole Foods Market. Past flavors include Hong Kong Milk Tea, Golden Milk & Gingerbread, Yuzu Cream, and Coconut & Shoyu Caramel.

“Humphry Slocombe’s flair for adult flavors, interesting ingredient combinations, tongue-in-cheek humor and passion for fun ice cream have made them an incredible partner for Whole Foods Market,” says Patrick Wyman, local forager at Whole Foods Market. “We’re excited to share with our guests Mango Mojito—the fifth flavor by Humphry Slocombe exclusively available at Whole Foods Market.”

“My family is from Hong Kong and mangoes are a staple in many Hong Kong desserts. I wanted to use them as the base of my next collaboration, but with a twist. Mango Mojito ice cream is tropical, refreshing and playful, just in time for summer,” says King, Top Chef Finalist and Whole Foods Market Chef Ambassador.

To celebrate the launch of the new flavor, Humphry Slocombe and Whole Foods Market will host a series of launch events featuring free scoops of the Mango Mojito, along with fun giveaways and swag in select Whole Foods Market stores, as well as at the ice creamery’s scoop shop in Los Angeles. Launch party details are below:

  • Sunday, May 12 from 5 until 7pm – Ice Cream Party at Humphry Slocombe’s Los Angeles shop
  • Friday, May 24 from 11 am until 2 pm – Ice Cream Party at Whole Foods Market Union Square (1701 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202)
  • Friday, May 31 from 11 am until 2 pm – Ice Cream Party at Whole Foods Market Westlake (2210 Westlake Ave., Seattle, WA 98121)
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