As colleges and universities resume session, Insomnia Cookies is unpacking fresh flavors with its limited-edition Back to Campus collection. From the Classic Midnight Berry to the Deluxe Filled PB&J, these cookies are sure to help comfort students who’re feeling nostalgic about the good old days. Insomnia will also be bringing back some fan favorite flavors in September for a limited-time-only.

The beloved cult brand is known for serving warm cookies all day and late into the night—with most stores open for pick-up and delivery until 1 a.m. or later—making it the ultimate college hot-spot. Whether students are studying late, retiring from the bar, or simply craving something sweet, Insomnia is always there for them with a warm, delicious cookie waiting.

Available in-store, for local delivery, and via nationwide shipping until September 25, or while supplies last. Availability varies by location.

Classic Midnight Berry – No bedtime for this cookie; it’s deliciousness all night long. A warm brown sugar cookie with blueberries and crunchy, berry cereal pieces.

Deluxe Filled PB&J – All that grade school nostalgia without the braces. Our classic peanut butter cookie jam-packed with grape jelly.

Fan Favorites dropping in September – Available in-store, for local delivery, and via nationwide shipping.

Classic Cookies ‘N Cream – Ice cream parlor vibes without the brain freeze. A brown sugar cookie, packed with cookie sandwich pieces and white chocolate chips. *Cue ice cream truck jingle

Available beginning September 6 for one week only. Availability varies by location.

Classic Caramel Apple Pie – Just like mom used to make, now cookie-a-fied. A warm sugar cookie baked with apple, cinnamon, oats, and gooey nuggets of caramel.

Available beginning September 13 for one week only. Availability varies by location.

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