HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications announces the launch of HME CLOUD 3.0, raising quick-service drive-thru performance management to an unrivaled level. HME CLOUD 3.0 enables franchisees to compete against each other on a shared Drive-Thru Leaderboard, set up multiple Leaderboard competitions across their enterprise, and create store hierarchies that match their organizational structure to easily generate reports and manage user access.

HME CLOUD 3.0 adds the ability for a franchisee or corporate brand to invite others to compete on a combined Leaderboard, increasing the competitive fun.

By expanding the competition to include other enterprises, operators can build up the rivalry to further challenge and motivate drive-thru crews and managers to improve speed of service and increase car counts. “Franchisees with few stores can now compete against a larger number of contenders,” says Paul Foley, president of HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications. “Competing against other organizations on a shared Leaderboard adds excitement to the competition and increases crew motivation to be number one and improve performance.”

HME CLOUD 3.0 also enables operators to group stores and set up specialized Leaderboard competitions. For example, high performing stores may compete to determine the overall champion and low performing stores can be grouped together to make competition more evenly matched. Specialized competitions raise the excitement to the next level, leading to highly engaged crews and greater performance results. Operators can now also organize stores into hierarchies based on any criteria they choose, enabling users to focus on the restaurants they manage and generate the reports that are most relevant to them. Hierarchies may be organized to match the organizational structure of the enterprise. For example, restaurants may be organized into regions, which can then be subgrouped under a specific district. Additionally, hierarchies make it easy to manage user access to enterprise data and modify access when there are organizational changes.

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