To introduce a new variation of bold flavors and appeal to guests who are not already poké fans, national franchise, Island Fin Poké Co. added a new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl to their menu. On March 13 and for a limited time only, the new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl will be available in all locations. This addition is directly intended to diversify their menu, offer more options to their guests and welcome chicken lovers into their Ohana- which translates to “family” in the Hawaiian language.

Island Fin Poké Co is a Florida-based fast-casual concept known for its Hawaiian-style build-your-own poké bowls that are more than just a bowl, they’re a lifestyle. This means each time a guest experiences a poké bowl at Island Fin, it’s incrediBOWL, with only the best farm-to-fork and boat-to-bowl ingredients. Aside from the traditional fish options of tuna, salmon, shrimp and octopus, Island Fin also offers protein options of chicken, tofu and spam to cater to all preferences.

The brand has experienced such positive reviews with guests trying chicken bowls, they decided to create this special new bowl to appeal to those specific guests – knowing they would love the unique flavor combinations. Since each bowl is customized to the guests’ liking, this new bowl is crafted with the intention of creating a memorable experience. Every bowl, including the new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl, is created to fuel guests with a meal that is delicious, healthy and bursting with flavor.

This new bowl was taste-tested and specifically created with their guests in mind. To start off, the Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl has a perfectly steamed white rice base. Then, the sweet and spicy flavor combination is created, mixing high-quality chicken with corn, sweet onions and Korean BBQ sauce, resulting in the classic bold flavor Island Fin is known for. Following this, kimchi and spicy pickled vegetables are placed on top of the rice and the BBQ chicken, sweet onion and corn mix-ins. Then, green onions and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top while also being finished off with Island Fin’s handcrafted Togarashi sauce.

“Adding a new menu item is something we take our time with, and we take it very seriously to ensure our guests will love it. This motivates us to reach the next level of offering remarkable service and an amazing experience to every guest. We’re so excited for our guests to try the exotic flavors of this new bowl,” says Setterington.

The franchise gives guests a five plus one sensory experience, with its Ohana vibe being the sixth sense. All these amazing interactions combined make the brand so welcoming and inviting. Most importantly, senses are heightened with the incredibly fresh combinations of flavors of poké, toppings, mix-ins and sauces in every bite. 

“Island Fin is always looking for ways to adapt to our communities and bring something new to the family table. We create everything with the guest experience in mind, including our new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl,” says Mark Setterington, CEO and Co-founder of Island Fin Poké Co. 

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