Fuddruckers opens elk season today, according to Dwayne Chamber, senior vice president of marketing and branding. Fudds Exotics are Fuddruckers’ all-natural, free-range, grass- and grain-fed game burgers and wild-caught salmon filets that are 100 percent antibiotic and hormone free. Fuddruckers half-pound elk burgers are low in sodium, have 0 grams of artificial trans fats, and are available starting July 6 at participating locations.

Fudds Exotics offer Fuddruckers guests the taste and adventure of game and wild-caught salmon for $8-10 each. Starting this week, Fuddruckers is running a Facebook contest for fans called Exotic Fridays, which gives many a chance to win a free $50 gift certificate to try one of each of Fudds Exotics by posting an exotics icon on their Facebook profile. Fudds Exotics include: ½ lb. Elk Burgers; ½ lb. Wild Boar Burgers, coming this September to participating Fuddruckers; 7 oz. Ostrich Burgers, available on a seasonal basis and arriving in participating Fuddruckers restaurants this November; 5 oz. Salmon Filets, now available in participating Fuddruckers; and ½ lb. Buffalo Burgers, also available in participating Fuddruckers.

Fuddruckers introduced Fudds Exotics, its new category of burgers, in May this year starting with buffalo burgers, which has become the restaurant’s best selling new product roll out in the company’s recent history.

Fudds Exotics offerings may vary regionally depending on local taste preferences.

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