Tossed unveiled a new freestanding kiosk version of its restaurant concept. The modular kiosk design, available in multiple configurations from 242 to 265 square feet, makes Tossed’s concept applicable for the first time in malls, food courts, and even open-air settings where Tossed’s young, health-conscious customers live, work, and play.

Tossed’s new kiosk option is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of operation. Able to support nearly the full Tossed menu, the kiosks can be built out in roughly half the time of the company’s storefront restaurants. The reduced cost of a kiosk franchise also provides quicker ROI.

“Tossed has proven itself as a first choice among young, active, and health-conscious customers. Our new kiosk stores allow franchisees to take Tossed to a whole new set of locations that fit this key demographic,” says Eric Clark, chief operating officer of Tossed Franchise Corporation. “While our existing storefront option is ideal for urban centers, the smaller size and greater flexibility of our kiosks let Tossed franchisees enter smaller, yet still dense traffic locations such as shopping malls, airports, college campuses, office complexes, and convention centers.”

Tossed’s new kiosks are non-cook stores that can be customized to fit a multitude of indoor leasing locations, as well as outdoor sites with modification. It is suited for both three-sided and four-sided locales and can be fitted with connecting tables where desired for proprietary seating.

Tossed Franchise Corporation invigorated its concept earlier this year with new exterior signage and an interior makeover that included an updated color scheme and graphics. The new look has been well received by customers and is credited in large part for a major uptick in sales experienced at Tossed locations this year. Franchisees are leveraging the momentum by expanding their offerings to include breakfast, dinner, and catering with free delivery.

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