J. Christopher’s Restaurants LLC announced that it acquired the remaining equity of the J. Christopher’s brand. As a result of the transaction, Sam Haddock and Dick Holbrook now own the brand, concept, all intellectual property, and franchising rights of the concept as well as the two company-owned restaurants. Jeff McCann and Chris Brogdon, the founders and former partners with Haddock and Holbrook, will continue to own and operate their J.
Christopher’s Restaurants under a license agreement with J. Christopher’s Restaurants LLC.

“Our relationship with Jay and Chris has truly been a great partnership,” says Holbrook, CEO of J. Christopher’s Restaurants. “Their vision to create a neighborhood daytime breakfast and lunch spot serving familiar food with flair, combined with the knowledge that Sam and I have about the restaurant industry has catapulted the success of J. Christopher’s. We look forward to taking the brand to even greater heights and will without a doubt continue to consult with Jay and Chris on a regular basis.”

The first J. Christopher’s restaurant opened in 1996 in Marietta, Georgia, and the restaurant now has 22 locations. In August 2007, McCann and Brogdon partnered with industry veterans Holbrook and Haddock to create J. Christopher’s Restaurants LLC. Though McCann and Brogdon have relinquished their part in the corporate matters of the business, they will continue to operate 18 of the restaurants under license agreements.

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