Jamba Juice is rolling out its new breakfast menu nationwide and is taking its passion for healthy living to the next level by blending more than 650,000 free breakfast products on April 8.

To educate consumers about the critical role a healthy breakfast makes in their day, the brand is challenging Americans to take the 21-Day Breakfast Challenge to help jump-start their metabolism and create a healthy, lifelong habit, whether they’re at Jamba or in their own kitchens.

With millions of Americans reportedly skipping out on breakfast, Jamba is offering a great reason to become a morning person. Beginning April 8, consumers will have the opportunity to pledge to eat a healthy breakfast for 21 days on Jamba.com and get a free breakfast product in participating stores nationwide.

“Jamba is passionate and committed to making it easier for people to consume a nutritious breakfast,” says Paul Coletta, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand Development, one of many Jamba executives blending up smoothies in stores on April 8. “Jamba customers can now make smarter choices in choosing a balanced morning meal, and we’re encouraging America to make this ritual a priority and sign up online for the 21- Day Challenge, and come in have a delicious breakfast on us to kick start their new healthy habit.”

The 21-Day Challenge creates an online community where registrants will pledge to participate and take ownership of their mornings through keeping a daily breakfast log, track energy levels, receive daily nutrition tips and learn about a featured Jamba breakfast product. Why 21 Days? Experts tell us it takes 21 days to develop healthy habits. To stay motivated, the Breakfast 101 and Q&A sections will provide important nutrition information, and users can post their own questions to a nutritionist to make sure they stay on track during the challenge.

Based on the results of the breakfast test in Los Angeles and New York last fall, Jamba believes that consumer demand is strong for healthier breakfast options. Jamba’s unique breakfast menu offers nutritionally balanced yogurt blends, smoothies, food, and juices that will help put the good in your morning. The breakfast products represent the first time Jamba has offered a 12 -ounce cup size and a spoon!

New Breakfast Menu

Granola Topper: A nutritious breakfast of blended fruit, low-fat yogurt and soymilk topped with crunchy organic granola! Jamba’s organic granola includes Omega-3s, whole grains, pumpkin and flax seeds. Mango Peach Topper and Berry Topper offer a healthy dose of fiber and protein.

Chunky Smoothie: Offering fresh bananas, strawberries, organic granola, and peanut butter, blended with soymilk and nonfat yogurt, Chunky Strawberry will jump start your day!

Yogurt & Fruit Blends: A healthy blend of berries, nonfat plain yogurt and soymilk in two flavors: Sunrise Strawberry and Bright Eyed & Blueberry. Our lowest calorie breakfast smoothies, these options are great for getting essential calcium and protein, and are blended with yogurt to promote digestive health.

Fresh Squeezed Juices and Juicies: You can’t go wrong as juice is at Jamba’s core! Orange Juice, Orange Mango Passion, and Orange Carrot Banana are excellent sources of Vitamin C and Carrot Juice is an excellent source of Vitamins A and B6. And you can boost your juice for free!

Baked Goods: Are a great complement to any Jamba Smoothie, Juice, or Juicie and are all-natural and contain no trans fat. These new baked goods include, Reduced-Fat Blueberry Loaf, Reduced-Fat Cranberry-Orange Loaf, Zucchini-Walnut Loaf, Blueberry Oatcake, and Omega-3 Cookies.

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