At Jimmy John’s restaurants nationwide, the sunrise is greeted each day with a familiar devotion—waking up and baking the day’s bread. The gentle hum of ovens fills the air, rhythmically and expertly creating the perfect way to start each day—with fresh baked bread.

On April 20, in celebration of this commitment to freshness and quality, Jimmy John’s is launching its first “Wake ‘N’ Bake (some bread)” featuring a guided breaditation designed to offer fans a delicious way to orient their headspace for the coming day.

Guided by the smooth, calming voice of comedian Rob Huebel, fans can tune in on Jimmy John’s Instagram or YouTube channel to witness the brand’s craveable, golden brown French bread bake freshly in the oven all day long, regardless of when you choose to wake.

And just as each day offers a journey, Jimmy John’s bread takes its own journey to the ideal state for all bread—the Sandwich. To celebrate this sojourn to Sandwich, the brand will be engaging with fans on social media with a learned discussion about the deeper elements of all things sandwich—appropriately-named #FreshBakedThoughts. If you’ve ever pondered the meaning of SANDWICH or life in general, come join the Jimmy John’s thought community and provide your own spin on #FreshBakedThoughts. The brand will be surprising the thought leaders of Sandwich throughout the day with the perfect, relaxing companion to any future breaditation.

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