Now available at KFC are Chicken Littles, the new snack-sized sandwiches priced at $1.29 each. The new and improved KFC Chicken Littles pay homage to the brand’s chicken sliders of the same name from years past.

Chicken Littles feature a freshly-breaded Extra Crispy Strip sandwiched in a sweet bun topped with pickle slices and KFC’s signature Colonel’s Mayo.

“Taste, value, and portability are important to our customers, and Chicken Littles deliver all three,” says Jason Marker, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S. “We often hear how much our customers love quick and snackable meals filled with great flavor. That’s why we packed big taste into this little menu item.”

It’s been more than 20 years since KFC sold a Chicken Littles sandwich nationally. Since that time, passionate fans have placed calls to KFC headquarters, started petitions, and built Facebook pages asking for the sandwich to return to the menu.

A recent poll on the KFC Facebook page asked fans what menu item from the past they’d like to see back at KFC. Chicken Littles was the overwhelming favorite, garnering more support than any other menu item. KFC is introducing the new and improved Chicken Littles, updated for the 21stcentury.

“We think fans of the original Chicken Littles are going to love the ‘new Littles’ even more,” Marker says. “From 100 percent all-white breast meat chicken to the soft, sweet bun, everything about Chicken Littles is new and improved. With this great sandwich, ‘little really is the new big!’”

Chicken Littles can be ordered either a la carte or in a combo option. Combos include two Chicken Littles, a side item, and a medium drink. Customers can purchase Chicken Littles for $1.29 each or, for a limited time, the Chicken Littles Combo (two sandwiches, a side item, and a medium drink) for $5. 

In honor of the launch of KFC’s new Chicken Littles sandwich, KFC has partnered with comedy website to encourage big laughs from little pranks. The partnership features the “A Little Workplace Humor” contest on and the chance to win $5,000.

As part of the campaign, KFC and will show cubicle dwellers that little pranks can lead to big laughs in the office.

The “little pranks, big laughs” message will be incorporated into three episodes of the popular original video series “Hardly Working,” the first of which debuted on the site on September 3.

The “A Little Workplace Humor” program will also feature original how-to prank articles from the staff, including pieces on the different types of office pranks and tips for crafting the perfect prank.

For two weeks, KFC and will encourage users to enter the “A Little Workplace Humor” contest by submitting their best little office prank stories. One winning submission will be featured in a re-enactment video that will be featured on starring the CollegeHumor cast.

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