Kolache Factory, a unique and fast-growing bakery-café franchise, known for its Czech-inspired kolache pastry filled with savory and sweet fruits, meats, and cheeses, is making a bold move in the new year with explosive menu items – newly-minted mouthwatering croissant flavors!

Throughout 2024, three new croissant flavors will be introduced, starting January 1, with The Texas Apple – a buttery, flaky pastry filled with apple pie filling, gouda cheese, bacon, fresh jalapenos, and brown sugar, topped with chopped pecans.

“This croissant will blow your mind!” says Dawn Nielsen, Chief Operating Officer. “It’s like a charcuterie board in a flaky, buttery croissant. It just confuses your brain. But has such a stunning flavor profile you won’t be able to stop eating it!”

Flavored croissants are not new to Kolache Factory, there have been a few options on the menu since it opened its doors in Houston in the 1980s. But the new and improved croissant flavors to be unveiled in 2024 really kick it up a notch! The idea for new croissant flavors has been in the works for about four years, but the pandemic put things on hold. However, three new flavors have been in R&D for most of 2023 and are ready to roll out in 2024, which turned out to be perfect timing.

Croissant Craze

Croissants, the Viennese-turned-French pastry that has been around for centuries, is definitely having a moment.

According to a recent study for State of the Baking Industry, conducted by Cypress Research, 42% of retail bakeries now carry croissants — a higher percentage than donuts or bagels. Their popularity is due in large part to the versatility of the croissant and the ability to fill it with a variety of sweet and savory options that can be eaten at every meal.

Kolache Factory knows a little something about that, having built its legions of loyal fans around its savory and sweet filled kolaches that can be eaten on the go.

“We will never waver in our dedication to providing the best variety of freshly made kolaches every day, but adding these exciting new croissant flavors will also attract a new customer base more drawn to the cafe experience. We believe the kolache and croissant experiences will complement each other,” said Nielsen.

Kolache Factory’s new croissant fillings will be completely different from what is offered in a kolache. In some cases, the croissants will be heartier and bolder. In fact, the croissant filling is doubling in size, with four ounces of filling in each pastry. Kolache Factory is projecting its croissant sales to double once all three new flavors are introduced.

The rollout of new croissant flavors in 2024 includes The Texas Apple in January, The Chicken Florentine in May, and The Korean Beef in September.

The new croissants will be available in 2024 at all Kolache Factory stores nationwide.

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