Following up on last year’s successful All-You-Can-Eat offer, The Krystal Company is hoping to again boost sales with the relaunch of another dine-in deal. The Southeastern fast-food chain is now featuring All-You-Can-Eat Cheese Krystals, Chili Cheese Pups, and fries for $7.99. With the addition of Pups to the deal, customers can mix and match the Classic Cheese Krystal with a bite-sized Chili Cheese Pup hotdog or opt for a Classic Pup or a Corn Pup bite-sized corndog.

“What’s great about the size of our food is it allows guests to indulge in several of their menu favorites,” said Tim Ward, Krystal president and chief operating officer. “Now they can pair our No. 1 seller, the Cheese Krystal, with the best-kept secret in fast food, the Chili Cheese Pup, and enjoy as many as they want!”

Last summer, Krystal rolled out All-You-Can-Eat Krystals and Fries to much fanfare, and dine-in sales increased by more than 5 percent. The brand tested variations of the offer in December and January before moving forward with the current version, which saw encouraging results in Knoxville.

“Last year, we found that most of our guests were adding cheese to the All-You-Can-Eat Krystals, so adding Cheese Krystals was a no-brainer,” Ward said. “We also found that when people come in for this promotion, they come with their friends or families, so adding variety to the offer was important.”

All-You-Can-Eat Cheese Krystals, Pups and fries (or tots) are served during dine-in hours at participating restaurants for a limited time. Krystal also is offering its new Krystal Catch, a hush puppy-battered fish slider at a promotional price point of $1.49 at all restaurants while supplies last.

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