Krystal has announced the launch of its Krystal Chik Trio, consisting of the Original Krystal Chik, the Spicy Chik and the brand new Krystal Chik Club. Available at most Krystal restaurants
beginning January 10, the complete Chik Trio will be available for just a
limited time with only the Original Krystal Chik continuing on as a
permanent menu item.

Customers can order their favorite Chik a la carte, as part of a combo meal, or even as a Chik
Trio Combo, which includes one of each Chik served alongside french
fries and a beverage.

“While the Famous Krystal hamburger has been the cornerstone of the
Krystal brand for the past 72 years, our Original Krystal Chik
sandwich has fast become one of our core and best-loved products, and our Chik
Trio builds upon its success,” says Fred Exum, chief executive officer,
The Krystal Company. “Our customers always appreciate the variety at
Krystal, and the Chik Trio provides exactly that.”

A 100-percent white chicken breast filet serves as the centerpiece
of all three sandwiches, yet each has its own specific taste profile.
Rounding out the Chik Trio and the latest to the lineup is the new
Chik Club. Expanding upon the rich flavor of the Original Krystal Chik,
the Chik Club features crispy bacon,
tomatoes, cheese and fresh lettuce.

The introduction of the Krystal Chik Trio will be supported by local
television and radio advertising that employs Krystal’s “copy free”
approach. The television spots feature real Krystal customers filmed
on location in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater Beach talking
about the product in their own words. Krystal’s radio advertising for the Chik Trio
is similarly copy-free, using popular radio personalities in each
market who are Krystal lovers and who are encouraged to talk live about
their own Krystal experiences rather than reading copy.

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