Closing out 2011, Liberty Restaurant Group's (LRGBK) annual Christmas Party was about more than just recognizing Burger King team members and general managers for exceptional performance, customer service, and identifying rising stars.

Rather, this was a moment to pause and give recognition to the families and community organizations who continue to help LRGBK continue their social leadership initiative. 

Almost a year ago today, LRGBK stepped up to become presenting sponsor of HavenHouse St. Louis' signature fundraising gala, HopeFest.

That commitment expanded the awareness of the organization and helped HavenHouse generate nearly $160,000 from various corporate sponsorships to provide lodging, meals, transportation, and support services for more than 8,100 patients and their families who traveled to St. Louis for lifesaving cures and treatments.

The story could end right there, but LRGBK's commitment continues even when the lights and cameras are off.

Throughout 2011, the relationship with HavenHouse strengthened as LRGBK:

  • Collected art supplies for HavenHouse's Kid art room;
  • Provided items for family entertainment and approximately 30 board games;
  • Provided multiple fundraising drives each month for toys, laundry detergent, personal care items, and more, using donation drop boxes at BK locations;
  • Donated city-wide billboard inventory to create awareness of the organization and
  • Retained their marketing agency to provide services at no cost to HavenHouse to underwrite their rebranding efforts: produced new logos, new website, public/media relations campaigns, radio public service announcements, and signage/collateral materials.

Of particular note, when families were exhausted from rigorous medical procedures and hospital stays, LRGBK provided meals throughout the year and stepped in when HavenHouse recently remodeled their kitchen, ultimately leaving them unable to provide breakfast for resident families until renovations were completed.

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