LoLo, the foodservice equipment line known for “low price, low risk, and local availability” has raised the bar for steamers. But don’t just take our word for it–our new electric steamer model has been selected to appear in the What’s Hot! What’s Cool! Gallery at the 2013 NAFEM show.

“This is big news for LoLo and our customers,” states Clay Thames, national sales manager for LoLo. “For the first time, operators don’t need to make a choice between speed and energy savings when they buy a steamer. They can get exactly what they need for all-day, all-purpose steam cooking all in one steamer–and that steamer is the new LoLo Electric Steamer. And it’s only from LoLo. To have our new steamer recognized as one of the hot new products by NAFEM is very exciting for us.”
The new LoLo Electric Steamer is a multi-mode steamer that offers operators a high-performance, à la carte cooking mode for peak production periods, an energy-saving batch production mode for prep cycles, and an idle mode for quick recovery–all in one steamer. The new LoLo Electric Steamers deliver productivity enhancements, energy efficiency, and menu flexibility by combining the best of à la carte and batch cooking style.
Here are the specifics for LoLo’s three cook modes: (1) a “Hi Performance” mode with a higher kW for fast, mixed-menu, à la carte cooking, (2) a batch-steaming “Energy Saver” setting that exceeds ENERGY STAR minimum standards for efficiency, and (3) a “Standby” setting that recovers to cook mode quickly and exceeds ENERGY STAR idle energy rate standards.
“When I visit operators around the country, I hear a repeating theme,” continues Thames. “A batch steamer meets 80 percent of their needs–it handles the requirements of prep cycles in the morning and afternoon. But for peak lunch and dinner meal periods operators need ‘fast’–they need the high-performance power of an à la carte steamer. Because these combined capabilities have not been available in one steamer before, what most operators end up doing is purchasing a less-efficient, à la carte steamer and using that all day. What a waste! Well, LoLo just solved that problem.”
Another recurring theme is lower operating costs. “We’re confident in our ability to lower operators’ costs with this new steamer,” adds Thames. “The initial purchase price of a LoLo Steamer is 10 percent to 30 percent below most other brands. We have fewer parts than competitive steamers so maintenance costs are lower. And we offer an attractive total-lifecycle cost based on energy savings and productivity improvements. Our slogan is ‘Good Deal’ and we prove it every day.”
The new LoLo Electric Steamer in 4- and 6-pan models is being introduced in November 2012. Like other LoLo Steamers, the new electric version is easy to learn and use; it is pressureless and boilerless; it comes with a strong list of standard features; and, it is backed by 100+ years of steam manufacturing experience plus a solid warranty.


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