Long John Silver’s this week debuted a new campaign designed to broaden the brand’s conversation with current and future customers using a variety of online channels. The campaign revolves around a core of three dramatic “Spoken CinemaTM” pieces performed by artist Steve Connell that focus on Sustainability, Quality, and Family.

“The conversations about food in America have changed rapidly,” says Marilyn Nicholson, vice president marketing, media, and promotions for Long John Silver’s. “The format of these pieces in combination with a robust digital deployment will allow us to tell our brand story in a different way and engage a broader audience with more substantive content. We’re hoping to reach that audience with a depth of content that traditional [quick-serve] advertising limits.”

The campaign will launch on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and edited Vines with paid flights running into the fall. All content will be linked to the www.ljsilvers.com flagship website and to unique microsite links for each piece, starting with www.sustainabilityljs.com. The campaign will also be supported by email and in store signage. Budget details of the campaign were not released but the company estimated it would reach millions of consumers with its initial push.

First to launch of the trio will be a piece on sustainability. Long John Silver’s primary products are 100 percent wild-caught Alaskan Cod and Pollock from the best-managed fishery in the world. The waters of the Northern Pacific and stocks of Cod and Pollock are continually monitored and fishing quotas adjusted to protect the strength of the species. Shot on location in and off the shores of Alaska, the piece portrays the beauty and drama of the pristine waters from which the fish are caught.

The second in the series is a piece about food and quality underscoring the fact that nourishment is bigger than appetite.  The third in the series is about family and food which celebrates the meaning of sharing a meal together and that many people are part of the Long John Silver’s family, the fisherman, farmers, owners, and crews who are engaged in bringing quality products to customers. All three spoken cinema pieces can be viewed and shared on YouTube, ljsilvers.com, Facebook, and Twitter.

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