Today, MarketPulse Solutions announced a new intercept interviewing service, giving marketers and market researchers a one-stop solution for gathering data across North America.

“After 25 years in market research, I felt there was still a need for a face-to-face fielding solution that covers not just a few markets, but the entire continent,” says Brian Baker, cofounder and president at MarketPulse Solutions. In an estimated $8 billion research market, intercept interviews account for more than $150 million in revenues. “The market is a small slice of the overall data collection sector, but it is fragmented and not well served,” Baker says.

Customers have already benefited from the new offering: Baker’s team led a successful effort at the recent Women’s World Cup soccer events, gathering more than 1,500 interviews with fans. “Our clients and project focus are always confidential, but we are pleased to have a number of new projects for the client we supported at the Women’s World Cup,” Baker says.

 “We are using iPads and a software package that does not depend on being connected to the Internet at the time of the interaction,” says vice president of operations Kevin Stout. “This gives us both a great reliability and flexibility in assignments. Also, clients can see the data build up in near real time and do not need to wait for data entry.”

The company is powered by a network of more than 22,000 experienced interviewers in every state and province across North America. The firm is newly formed, but brings more than a decade of experience in face-to-face interviews and more than 20 years of market research experience overall.

Stout clarifies the company’s targets: “We have done a lot of retail, event, and trade show work, but we can work anywhere at any time where a marketer wants to understand its client better.”