Fellow New York–based companies Shake Shack and Mast Brothers have teamed up again.

Founded by brothers Rick and Michael Mast in 2007, Brooklyn-based artisanal chocolate makers Mast Brothers takes its chocolate as seriously as Shake Shack takes it burgers.

Since 2012, Shake Shack has worked with Mast Brothers to craft signature Shack bars that perfectly complement the fast casual’s modern roadside classics. The pair’s newest cacao collaboration is the Mast Brothers Shake Shack Buttermilk Chocolate Bar.

Each bar is an exclusive blend of premium cacao beans sourced directly from small farm cooperatives around the world. They’re carefully roasted, winnowed, stone-ground, and tempered in the Mast Brothers chocolate factory located adjacent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The perfect marriage of rich and milky-smooth, every chocolate bar boasts complex notes of cherry, malt, and vanilla. It’s sure to please dark chocolate diehards and milk chocolate loyalists alike.

The bar’s recycled heavyweight paper wrapper features a playful geometric pattern in Shake Shack’s signature green, black, and white motif.

Chop and top on a cup or cone of Shake Shack’s frozen custard, or enjoy alongside a glass of Frog’s Leap Shack Red. Or, just keep it simple: break off a piece and enjoy straight from the package. Now that’s sweet.

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