Maui Wowi Hawaiian announced today that it has signed a master franchise agreement with ALOHA Danismanlik Hizmetleri, Insaat, Bilgisayar, Gida Turizm Ic ve Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi (“ALOHA Limited Company”), an affiliate of TUNC Group. The move brings Maui Wowi to the Republic of Turkey and further extends Maui Wowi Hawaiian’s rapidly expanding global presence.

Leading ALOHA Limited Company in its new efforts are general manager Ahmet Baltacioglu and general coordinator Lale Coskun. Ceyhun “James” Coskun, business development and marketing manager for TUNC Group, will also serve as strategy and planning coordinator for ALOHA Limited Company, overseeing all franchise development activity.

Since the implementation of economic reforms in 2001, Turkey has quickly become one of the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic economies. The country’s gross domestic product has grown at an average annual rate of 7.4 percent over the past five years, with heavy foreign investment and only moderate inflation. Home to over 70 million people, the Republic of Turkey has a young population (half its residents are under the age of 28.3) that is heavily urbanized and culturally aware.

“Turkey, despite centuries of having the world’s most sophisticated coffee drinkers, continues as the fastest-growing coffee market in the world today,” says Lisa Bolton, director of international operations for Maui Wowi Hawaiian. “This is a country that cherishes coffee, loves quality coffee blends and, increasingly, is embracing smoothies and fresh fruit juice products. Along with Ahmet Baltacioglu, James Coskun and the ALOHA Limited Company team, we’re convinced that Turkey is a market that is more than ready for the products and ambiance offered by Maui Wowi Hawaiian.”.

ALOHA Limited Company’s franchise strategy will focus initially on Turkey’s major tourism areas, primarily in the country’s Southern and Western coastal regions. Beginning with a fixed store location in a major shopping mall, the company intends to expand with the rollout of mobile kiosks along popular beachfronts.

“We believe people will be very excited by the blend of Hawaiian and Mediterranean themes presented by our Maui Wowi Hawaiian franchises,” Coskun says. “While local coffee shops can be found all over Turkey, there are almost no smoothie competitors in our country. With the higher purchasing power, improved economic conditions, higher rates of employment, and young population now present here, we remain positive that Maui Wowi Hawaiian will find a strong and loyal clientele.”

ALOHA Limited Company will begin actively developing franchise opportunities this summer.

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