Burger King Corp. celebrates the end of the summer season with the launch of a new, premium soft serve dessert menu to satisfy every sweet tooth across the country. From now through October 9, guests who purchase a BK Value Meal at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide can top off their meal with a free soft serve cone or cup.

“Our new soft serve dessert menu is just one of many ways we are evolving our menu and offering a sweet deal to attract and connect with a broader range of consumers,” says Alex Macedo, senior vice president of North America marketing for Burger King Corp.

The new desserts feature the rich vanilla taste and creamy texture of BK soft serve in a variety of builds:

  • Premium sundaes are extra sweet with topping choices of peach and granola for a suggested retail price of $1.79 and double brownie, Oreo, or M&M’S for a suggested retail price of $2.49.
  • Classic soft serve cones and cups bring the creamy vanilla taste front and center for a suggested retail price of 89 cents.
  • Traditional sundaes feature toppings such as chocolate fudge, caramel, and strawberry for a suggested retail price of $1.
  • Hand-spun shakes feature strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla flavors finished with whipped topping for a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a regular and $3.49 for a large.

The promotion will be supported by national TV and radio advertising that begins today and represents a continuation of Burger King Corp.’s new food-centric approach. The television spot highlights the creamy texture and refreshing taste of the new soft serve, and showcases the new, premium dessert line as brownies, peaches, and classic Oreo cookies take center stage.

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