Micros Systems, a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, is pleased to announce that its MICROS OPERA and MICROS Simphony Enterprise Solutions both support the newly released Apple iPad Mini.

The new Apple iPad Mini sports a 7.9-inch display and weighs only 0.68 pounds (0.31 kilograms), half as much as the full-size iPad.

It has been suggested that the hospitality and retail industries specifically will benefit from a more ‘handy’ device that offers the usability of an iPad 2, with a smaller form factor, which makes it more portable and easier to use.

“We are pleased that both MICROS OPERA and MICROS Simphony easily support the new iPad Mini, which is a better size device for our industry,” says Jenny Kurdle, executive vice president, North America Operations, MICROS Systems, Inc.

“Hotels can use it to promote the offering of concierge services, room services, and simplify the check in and check out process, while foodservice operations can use it for table-side ordering and line busting,” she adds. “Micros has pioneered the use of mobile technologies in hospitality for almost 20 years and continues to stay current with cloud technologies and the newest consumer grade devices.”