Modern Market Eatery is seeking franchise partners throughout Texas. The franchise announced its plans to expand its presence in metro Austin and Dallas over the next few years, as part of its nationwide expansion plans.

Modern Market Eatery was co-founded by product engineer Anthony Pigliacampo in 2009, who had the foresight that faster food can and should be better food. It has since grown from a single location in Boulder, Colorado to a nationwide fast-fine franchise with nearly 30 locations. Not only has the brand’s nutritious and delicious food been enjoyed by guests in a variety of markets, it has become a staple in communities across Texas. With five locations already in Dallas and three more in Austin, Texans have expressed their commitment and appreciation for the brand and its healthful options.

The brand has taken notice of the success of its eight Texas locations – some of which are among the best performing in the system – and has recognized there is demand for more locations to open across the state. Modern Market is looking for select franchise partners that are committed to promoting and living a healthy lifestyle and share the same passion for the brand as the corporate team. Each restaurant brings approximately 20 jobs to its community and consistently promotes sustainability and nourishing happiness through its clean, nutritious and delicious food.

The franchise growth initiative is led by Renee Israel, chief franchise officer for Modern Market, who is also the founder and former chief marketing officer of Doc Popcorn. With Israel’s guidance and dedication, she led Doc Popcorn to opening over a hundred locations across the country and plans to do the same with Modern Market. Franchisees can expect unrivaled support from an experienced leadership team, continual innovation in its seasonally driven menu and best-in-class proprietary online ordering and in-store systems for a competitive edge.

“Texans have fallen in love with Modern Market, leading to a cult-like following of our healthy and quickly served fresh-from-the-market fare,” said Israel. “We are looking for qualified franchise partners who have a passion to increase access to our nourishing, wallet-friendly menu choices, while simultaneously filling out both the Dallas and Austin markets. As more Americans are looking for healthful options to stay energized and treat their bodies right, we want Modern Market to be their go-to choice for a family meal.”

Modern Market is steadfast in following local health and safety guidelines for each of its locations, requiring face masks for employees and guests, extra sanitizing, increased hand washing and glove use, and all employees to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of sickness.

Throughout the pandemic, Modern Market has also put an emphasis on technology innovation supporting curbside pickup and to-go order execution to allow guests to choose how and where they want to enjoy their food. Demonstrating the franchise’s commitment to innovation and ability to be nimble in its response to global events, Modern Market also introduced several food and grocery boxes with ingredients to feed the entire family.

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