A recent survey shows that nearly 90 percent of moms believe it’s important that fast-food restaurants provide more information about the food they serve*. So, this summer McDonald’s will be providing moms an unprecedented opportunity to go behind the counter, ask questions about food quality, and see firsthand how McDonald’s menu items are made.

The Moms’ Quality Correspondents will meet with McDonald’s nutritionists, chefs, ingredient suppliers, executives and others responsible for food quality and safety. They’ll be given an exclusive look at menu items being developed, as well as the opportunity to explore McDonald’s kitchens and supplier facilities. The Quality Correspondents will publicly share their experiences through journals and downloadable videos on http://www.mcdonaldsmom.com/ beginning June 20, 2007.

“These are real moms, with real opinions and real questions about the food they are feeding their families. As a mother, I understand the priority moms place on ensuring a safe, nutritious, high-quality meal for their families,” says Susan Forsell, McDonald’s VP of U.S. Quality Systems and mother of two.

After receiving over 4,000 applications, McDonald’s recruited six Quality Correspondents from across the country.

“I am a mom of two boys whose health I care deeply about,” says Tina Hoxie, Quality Correspondent from Mulliken, Michigan. “I like to be assured about the quality of food they eat as well as their spiritual, intellectual and emotional well-being. I hope this program will help me do just that.”

The McDonald’s Moms’ Quality Correspondents begin their journey in June 2007 and continue through September. During their experiences, they will have the opportunity to visit McDonald’s beef and produce suppliers, as well as take a turn behind the counter in a restaurant.

The Correspondents will share their experiences through online journals and videos on http://www.mcdonaldsmom.com/. Visit the site to learn more about the six Moms’ Quality Correspondents and their experience or to join the online quality community.

*Source: GfK Roper Custom Research Nationwide Omnibus March 2007: Mom’s and Guardians with children under 18 years of age.

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