Mrs. Freshley's, an award-winning brand of snack cakes and pastries from Flowers Foods, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Cinnabon to create two new Mrs. Freshley's snacks featuring delicious Cinnabon cinnamon. New Mrs. Freshley's Cinnamon Twirls and Mini Donuts, made with Cinnabon's signature cinnamon, will be available in supermarkets, convenience stores, and vending machines nationwide today.
"Cinnabon's proprietary cinnamon elevates Mrs. Freshley's most popular snacks to the next flavor level and our fans love it," says BrentBradshaw, Flowers Foods' vice president of marketing. "We're thrilled to partner with Cinnabon again and double the varieties we offer with their special cinnamon."
"Cinnabon's partnership with Mrs. Freshley's is a great example of our strategy to align our brand with companies that create delicious treats using our world famous Cinnabon cinnamon," says Kristen Hartman, senior vice president, snacks marketing, Focus Brands. "We're excited that our fans can treat themselves in even more ways.”
Cinnamon enthusiasts will enjoy Mrs. Freshley's new take on the traditional mini donut, which are soft cake mini donuts coated with Cinnabon cinnamon. Mrs. Freshley's Cinnamon Mini Donuts made with Cinnabon cinnamon are available in 3 oz. single-serve 6-packs, and 10 oz. multi-pack bags.
Mrs. Freshley's Cinnamon Twirls made with Cinnabon cinnamon are a classic sweet roll swirled with a ribbon of Cinnabon cinnamon. New Cinnamon Twirls made with Cinnabon cinnamon are available in a 3-oz. single serve 3-packs and 6-oz. multi-pack 6-packs.
These new snacks join two other Mrs. Freshley's snacks made with Cinnabon cinnamon — Cinnamon Honey Buns and Cinnamon Danish — providing cinnamon fans with a variety of delicious choices for breakfast or snack time. The entire Mrs. Freshley's made with Cinnabon cinnamon line features new eye-catching packaging.

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