DVDNow Rental Kiosks Inc. offers consumers a way to rent new DVD releases through the placement of terminals into local small businesses and large retail chains. While other rental kiosks like Redbox are corporately owned, however, DVDNow gives entrepreneurs a chance to become owners/operators of their own kiosk.

“Our focus is on building our network though the use of local owner operators,” says Scott McInnes, CEO of DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. “There’s no question that Redbox and DVDPlay are experiencing phenomenal results with growth many, many times the industry average of a traditional video store. We make it easy for a smaller entrepreneur to participate and profit from the explosive growth of the DVD rental kiosk industry.”

In addition to saving on rentals, consumers will also find that DVDNow kiosks often provide coupons for other products and services. Small business owners have an opportunity to cross-promote other goods and services with DVD rentals.