Source Technologies, a provider of transactional and interactive kiosks, announced the availability of its PilotPoint 5-Series Plus kiosk. This new model, the latest in the evolution of the PilotPoint kiosk family, offers more robust performance and advanced security options along with marketing and digital signage capabilities. The kiosk will be featured at the National Retail Federation’s 99th Annual Convention and Expo in New York, January 11 and 12, Booth #545.

“The 5-Series Plus combines all of the benefits of the current bill payment kiosk product with the ability to process transactions more quickly and incorporate digital signage and marketing efforts onto the kiosk,” says Sarah Burkhart, director of product marketing. “This performance augmentation assimilates the PilotPoint 5-Series Plus bill payment kiosk into both the financial and the marketing systems of retailers, utility providers, and cellular phone operators. Digital signage and marketing communications messages displayed in conjunction with existing bill payment applications provide a greater return on investment for deployers.”

The PilotPoint 5-Series Plus kiosk offers features including: robust computing capabilities; a cash access door; redesigned check scanner; audit trail lock (for cash door); 2,000-note cash acceptor; cabinet door alarm switch; and a kiosk elevation pedestal.

For many years, the Source Technologies self-service bill payment solution, powered by the PilotPoint 5-Series, enabled consumers to independently pay their bills, research their account status, and forego waiting in line to complete these transactions. The new 5-Series Plus bill payment kiosk provides the same customer interaction with the added benefits of improved performance, tighter security, and marketing functionality for the deploying organization.