Making sure their restaurant is safe from threats such as robberies and potential lawsuits is of utmost importance to quick-service operators.

Panasonic hopes its new indoor and outdoor camera model will help quick serves better protect their store. It recently introduced the i-PRO SmartHD 360 degree panoramic 3.0 megapixel dome camera, a third generation of Panasonic’s i-PRO technology line that has full HD image quality.

“The Panasonic security solutions is the product lineup that is around 50–60 years in the making of expertise,” says Kamal Boiri, senior manager of emerging markets for Panasonic. “We basically came up with a formula that would cross our technology into this market, and, that said, the SmartHD solution is a perfect fit for the [quick-service restaurant] industry. ”

“I-PRO SmartHD” means the camera has technologies such as face detection, face matching capabilities, and ability for high-quality images in both high- and low-lit conditions.

“The quality is amazing. It is as if you are watching high-definition video on your TV,” Boiri says.

Boiri says the high-quality images that the 360 degree SmartHD camera provides are helpful for many different scenarios at quick serves, such as surveillance and protection; POS monitoring; helping employees distribute the right order to the right car in drive thrus by identifying car types and license plate numbers, particularly in multiple-lane drive thrus; and even as evidence to protect a restaurant from fraudulent claims following an incident. 

“Panasonic just released full-on recording on the actual card that is inside the camera, so the camera is now complete for evidence, and we can also get that evidence out,” Boiri says.

Additional features of the 360-degree camera include a vandal resistance mechanism, smartphone monitoring capabilities, motion detection technology, IP migration, in-camera distortion and image correction, and three different modes: panoramic, double panoramic, and 4-screen.

By Laurel Nakkas

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