Think you know Idaho potatoes? Think again. The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) launched a second website,, which is innovative and entertaining, with an educational spin—and will have you thinking about Idaho potatoes as you never have before.

The site’s star spud is Stunt Tater, who appears in six animated videos that take place in a “fantasy land” setting where talking potatoes live, work, and interact with each other. Each night Stunt Tater, in cahoots with his trainer, Coach, attempts fearless feats intended to amuse and impress his friends and other “spectaters.”

In addition to the video series, the new site houses recipes, games, wallpaper scenes for download, ring tones, and the ability to create your own personalized potato “face” to share with friends. The site is designed to amuse the time-strapped chef and/or culinary student and deliver Idaho potato–inspired information in a quirky, whimsical way.

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