Interbrand Design Forum rebranded Latin chicken chain Pollo Campero with a new unit in Webster, Texas, recently.

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Two other locations are expected to open in the Houston area by the end of the year. Each location will be 2,380 square feet.

“Pollo Campero is a huge hit in Central America, but it needed to be brought to the U.S. in a bigger and more relevant way,” says Tom Kowalski, vice president of design, Interbrand Design Forum.

“Research showed that the logo and the exterior didn’t do enough to convey the authenticity of the food or the level of service that are found inside.”

Concentrating on the food-loving target segment, the team developed the brand descriptor “Fresh Latin Flavors.” The restaurant experience brings this idea to life with a focus on the flavorful food along with the passion and heritage of Pollo Campero’s Latin roots.

Throughout the space, dynamic angles and intersecting planes convey passion and energy, while the colorful palette and textures offer an authentic Latin feel. Materials like the multicolored ceramic tiles on the front of the counters to the stacked stone suggest depth and warmth while stainless steel and glass emphasize culinary expertise.

Cheerful food colors provide energy, from lime green to chili pepper red and a mango orange. The tile floor is designed with color breaks and interesting angles to create energy.

The main entry provides guests with a direct path to the order counter. Customers are greeted with a welcome wall establishing the focus on fresh Latin flavors, warm colors and the branded wall texture. Adjacent to the counter is the brand story that articulates core values.

A redesigned menuboard breaks from typical quick-serve restaurant cues like light boxes and slats. The galvanized look of the panels has an authentic quality and the information is easy to navigate.

The traffic pattern is orchestrated to showcase fresh preparation. A clear view to the staging and expediting station creates a culinary theater of cooking, chopping and prepping that highlights the freshest parts of the kitchen.

The new logo for the U.S. is comprised of a glyph stamp that combines the brand’s initials and has an authentic Latin look.

This new, bold Pollo Campero glyph crowns the front entry creating a distinctive shorthand for the brand. The new exterior sets the tone for the upgraded experience and introduces the themes of passion and energy that are central to the brand. 

The order point at the drive thru leverages the unique design language of the building with clean lines and authentic-looking materials. Signature pictograms tell the brand story in a subtle yet permanent execution as stamped textures on the building exterior.

“We took a holistic look at the brand experience; from every aspect of the restaurant design to the introduction of our expanded menu and new service model. Collectively, the imagery, positioning of our fresh Latin flavors and our new logo signals that we are a forward-thinking brand that still cherishes our rich brand heritage. We believe this modern iteration of our concept will make us more accessible to a wider range of American consumers,” says Lisken Kastalaynch, Pollo Campero’s vice president of marketing.

While the menu has been expanded, Pollo Campero’s famous fried and grilled chicken will remain as “stars”; hand prepared exactly the same way it is made every day throughout Latin America. 

The menu will also offer a larger selection of empanadas, salads, and sandwiches seasoned with flavors of lime, cilantro and a unique blend of Latin spices, as well as tasty Latin-inspired beverages including the restaurant’s signature Horchata, a creamy cinnamon flavored drink made with rice that is a favorite treat throughout Latin America.

The menu will be priced competitively with other American fast-casual restaurants with prices averaging $6-10 for most entrees.

Service is fast-casual with restaurant employees delivering the food to each table once the order is ready.

Following the new location in Webster, the company will begin opening other locations in the Houston area by the end of the calendar year.

One is planned for Washington Avenue and a third is slated for Missouri City, Texas.

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