Organic to Go(TM) (O to Go) an
all-natural and organic cafe and corporate meal delivery service, is the first
fast-casual restaurant and retailer to receive organic certification by
Quality Assurance International (QAI), the leading third-party certification
agency in the organic foods industry accredited to the National Organic
Program by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

QAI has
certified brand name retailers such as, Lund’s Byerly, Cub Foods, Native Sun,
Sunflower Market, Capers Wild Oats and Whole Foods Markets.

“Receiving certification assures our customer that our organic products
are free from harmful additives and preservatives,” says Jason Brown, CEO of
Organic to Go. “From farm to desk, our products are guaranteed to be of the
highest quality without compromise.”

Since the USDA began regulating the organic foods industry in 2002,
independent third party certification of organic food systems has been the
quality assurance foundation of domestic and international organic food trade.
Obtaining certification by a third-party affiliate guarantees the promise of
the organic claim.

“Organic certification is the cornerstone in ensuring that the organic
integrity has been maintained through every link of the supply chain.
Establishing an organic compliance plan is step one in this process,” says QAI
spokesperson, Ellen Holton. “Operators must develop proper sanitation and
pest management protocols as well as implement a comprehensive audit trail as
part of their organic compliance plan. For the retail establishment, staff
training and clear in-store signage also need to be carefully considered.”

Awarded on Friday, February 10, 2006, after careful inspection and
documentation, Organic to Go passed all of the requirements set forth by the
USDA to receive organic certification. By receiving certification, consumers
can be assured that all organic items at Organic to Go have been handled
properly preserving the organic integrity of these foods.

“Organic to Go has demonstrated its leadership as a retailer by
voluntarily undergoing the rigors of organic certification,” says Holton.
“The time, effort, procedures and training that O to Go invested in honoring
its commitment to organic and sustainability through achieving organic
certification is evident the moment a guest enters the establishment.”

A recent survey by Walnut Acres/Roper ASW, concludes 72 percent of
Americans say that if given a choice to purchase a food product with or
without a USDA organic seal, they would purchase the labeled product. The
trend continues with the younger Gen Y’s (81 percent) and Boomers (76 percent)
who are most eager to see the seal.

“Jason Brown has assembled an amazing team of individuals who value the
discerning taste of their clientele. O To Go moves beyond offering its
patrons an organic choice, and understands the importance of delivering
quality assurance and organic verification as well,” says Holton.

The voluntary certification declares to consumers that a company is
upholding the highest organic standards and that the organic integrity of its
retail products is assured.

“Organic to Go was founded on the principle of providing delicious,
convenient breakfasts and lunches that happen to be organic and natural
delivered to corporate America,” said Brown. He adds, “Eating organic is not
only good for you personally, but good for the environment. Receiving
certification proves our commitment to both. We’re here for the long term
health of the consumer — and the planet.”