The Arizona shop located on West University Drive, in Tempe, AZ is the oldest Cheba Hut location in the country. Originally opened over two decades ago by Cheba Hut Founder, Scotting Jennings and now owned by Lenz Enterprises, this shop is truly a staple that sparked (pun intended) the Cheba Nation. 

DJ Lenz, an owner of the Tempe shop, and a leader in the success of this fast-casual concept in Arizona and beyond, is eager to get the doors open again after the complete 11 week overhaul. 

“The Arizona Team is very excited to finish the remodel of the OG Cheba hut! This shop has been knocking out killer subs for the last 20 years, and we wanted to make sure the environment reflected the love, support and success it deserves for our employees and Cheba Hut patrons. We are ready to serve our Cheba Hut homies for the next 20 years!” 

Lenz Enterprises is Cheba Hut Franchising’s original Franchise group and they currently own all of the Arizona locations. In being the original (OG), the leadership team and their crew understands the importance of “Keeping It Real” and sticking with the mission of the brand; the neighborhood hangout for curing cottonmouth and munchies. 

While keeping true to Cheba Hut’s Culture during this remodel, necessary updates to the shop have been made. On the customer facing side, bathrooms have been redone, the bar built out and relocated, lobby seating and layout reimagined and fresh to death artwork. From the operations side, the line, storage, walk ins, equipment, hoods, have all been redone. The shop is ready to serve the community better than ever! 

The shop located at 960 W University Dr, will open its doors again on Monday, November 14th at 10am. The OG shop will be celebrating the re-launch with prizes, vendors onsite, and a 4:20pm Homie Party. Make sure you grab your homies and go celebrate the shop and its crew! 

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