Pal’s Sudden Service announced that precautions necessary related to national and international concerns related to the coronavirus have been implemented by the 29-unit chain.

While the burger chain’s restaurants consistently score near or at 100 in State health inspections, Pal’s leadership has enhanced its safety standards due to the virus. “Pal’s mission is to assure that our employees and customers experience a delightful work and dining experience,” says Thom Crosby, CEO of the regional chain. “We were proactive in implementing additional safeguards many days ago, and we are committed to necessary vigilance in assuring a safe and enjoyable experience at our restaurants.”

The precautions include strict oversight and counseling by store operators and the company of the following enhanced actions related to the virus with Pal’s employees and their procedures:

  • Talk, train, coach and follow-up with all employees on precautions related to the virus
  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home
  • Separate sick employees who show up for work before they are in contact with other employees and customers
  • Emphasis on staying at home when sick using respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene and not touching face
  • Perform additional routine environmental cleaning. Increased cleaning cycles in expanded areas
  • Employees returning from foreign travel to be quarantined for 14 days
  • All employees reporting to work to assure clean uniforms and extensive hand washing
  • Order takers and cashiers to maintain enhanced hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers
  • Inform supervisors and fellow employees with notification if an employee contracts confirmed Coronavirus applicable to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

“We are committed to added precautionary measures to protect our employees and customers,” says Crosby. “We are vigilant in monitoring the local, state, national and international situation involving the virus and will make any necessary adjustments in our safety precautions as needed.”

“We view our Pal’s locations as an important resource during the current pandemic,” Crosby adds. “Because most of our locations are drive through only, there is less concern among customers about touching interior surfaces or coming into proximity with others during their visit. We want to protect our customers and assure that our employees remain healthy and vigilant in our precautionary measures.”

According to a March 10th survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide, it was found that their concerns related to eating away from home was much lower when utilizing restaurants through their drive thru windows compared to eating in.

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