Panasonic Information Systems, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company and a world leader in point of sale and drive-thru communication solutions, announced a host of industry leading POS software certifications for the company’s innovative Stingray POS Workstation. Stingray transforms the POS market with “the power to change” thanks to the workstation’s versatile open architecture and modular construction that provides lower total cost of ownership.

“Stingray’s open platform applies both to software and hardware, allowing it to run virtually any operating system and software configured with the selection of components and capabilities that best meet users’ specific needs,” says Doyle Ledford, director, Panasonic Information Systems. “Stingray allows for change, both easily and cost-efficiently, providing lower total cost of ownership by evolving as users’ business needs change.”

Stingray’s open architecture runs virtually any operating system and software, allowing users to implement industry leading off-the-shelf software or custom POS applications. The innovative POS workstation is ideal for stand-alone applications and can also be integrated into a LAN network to run the most demanding backoffice operations. Stingray can also run multiple software applications to further extend its functionality and overall efficiency. In addition, Stingray is backwards compatible, allowing operators to replace one workstation at a time for maximum cost-efficiency.

To date, Panasonic’s Stingray POS Workstation is certified to run the POS software providers and applications listed below, and the company is constantly adding solutions to allow customers the flexibility to choose the application that best suits their needs.

ClearView from Quickservice is a complete POS package that handles complex meal deal pricing structures, integrated payment processing, and real-time remote reporting capabilities.

Comtrex Systems Corporation’s “everything POSsible” restaurant POS software conforms to the user rather than the user conforming to the software, with the capability to easily place any button anywhere on the interface screen.

Digital Dining’s POS application can be configured to meet any environment using the same application and the same corporate database.

Focus POS Systems offers smart, uncomplicated solutions that positions customers for profitability and a competitive advantage.

Maitre’D is a leading provider of customizable POS solutions for quick service and table service, back office software, and enterprise solutions for restaurateurs worldwide.

POSitouch is Windows-based, open architecture software that is easy to use, maintain, and expand.

WAND is a leader in QSR technology, combining management, monitoring, and profitability into one integrated platform powering everything from the register to the boardroom.

XPIENT Solutions offers a full complement of integrated technologies including POS, back office, and enterprise management.