Panasonic announced a number of new technologies for quick-service restaurants including the Panasonic digital drive thru, which brings the power of digital menu boards and integrated audio/video to the drive thru. Panasonic also unveiled its virtual site manager, a robust video-based loss prevention solution that enables operators to control and monitor restaurant operations remotely, reduce shrinkage, and increase profits and productivity.

“In the ultra-competitive [quick-serve] industry, technology gives operators an advantage to not only boost sales, but also improve the customer experience,” says Jeff Pinc, director of food service for Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA). “Most restaurant operators recognize the impact of digital signage systems inside the restaurant. Our outdoor-ready solution combines weather-resistant digital menu boards, audio, video, and on-board order confirmation for a fully-integrated solution that can help them gain that all-important competitive advantage.”

The virtual site manager solution combines video intelligence with point-of-sale systems and enables operators to monitor and manage their restaurants from anywhere. Managers can access the searchable transaction video database of point-of-sale transactions, create custom automatic alerts for key or suspicious events, and oversee staff compliance and security. Both of these technologies give operators the tools they need to improve operations and increase sales.

As the first fully-integrated digital drive-thru system, Panasonic’s digital drive thru brings the benefits of digital menu boards to the drive thru. With a majority of quick serve business coming from drive-thru sales, maximizing impact and increasing sales in the drive thru is paramount.

Key components of Panasonic’s digital drive-thru include:

·         Integrated Approach: Digital drive-thru’s complete system combines weatherproof, glare-resistant outdoor displays with outdoor mounting, integrated audio and video capabilities, on-screen order confirmation along with a host of services and support solutions.

·         Scalability: The digital drive-thru solution is completely customizable to meet the needs of any restaurant or brand. Flexible configurations with single pre-order boards up to two, three or four screen setups, audio and video options, custom frames and mounting, and more.

·         Built-in Order Confirmation: Visual order confirmation is tied to the customer’s order directly on the digital menu board, eliminating the need for separate, standalone unit.

·         Industry-Leading Commercial Outdoor Displays: High-brightness weather-resistant Panasonic LED displays provide excellent image quality with vibrant images and clear text. Certified for 24-7 operation, the solution’s digital menu boards have the ability to work in variable temperatures (-20 to +50c) and is also vandal proof. The displays’ 2,000 cd/m2 enables viewablity in direct sunlight. Designed for outdoor use, the displays do not require separate cooling/heating enclosures

·         Benefits of Digital: With the digital drive-thru solution, operators can manage drive-thru menu content on a single digital platform. Menus, promotions, advertising can be managed and updated instantly on a single platform, allowing operators to be more responsive to market conditions, simplifying brand compliance and messaging rollouts and providing opportunities for dynamic suggestive selling to increase sales orders.

Panasonic’s virtual site manager is an integrated solution designed to provide remote store management from anywhere with the click of mouse or tap on a tablet PC screen. Combining the power of video surveillance technology with point-of-sale systems, the solution pairs recorded video footage with transactional data, giving operators critical insight that can improve store operations, reduce loss and bring incremental revenue.  In addition to preventing shrinkage, video analytics can provide invaluable data that can be used to streamline procedures, enhance marketing efforts and inform merchandising strategy. With just a few clicks, operators can verify and control inventory, view traffic volume and patterns and confirm employee training.

Key elements of the Panasonic virtual site manager include:

·         Searchable Transaction Video Database: This integrated solution provides operators the ability to view electronic receipts from the POS system paired with corresponding security video to help managers reduce internal shrinkage. As a transaction is viewed, the user will have an option to easily bring up the recorded video footage in a side-by-side comparison.

·         Manage Store Operations and Compliance: Virtual site manager enables operators to oversee their business in a variety of ways including training, tracking store and brand compliance, appearance and more. Virtual site manager also allows operators to understand their daily sales volumes and differentiate sales by product.

·         Reliability, Durability and Scalability: Virtual site manager solution features industry-leading video surveillance camera technology. High-quality HD cameras can be placed indoor or outdoor and are purpose built to withstand quick-serve environments, resisting dust, grease and humidity.  The security and network recording systems are fully scalable and can be installed based on store needs.

·         Enhance Security and Safety: Additionally, access to video intelligence can help operators protect themselves against fraudulent injury claims by capturing activities in key locations around the store, discouraging deceptive personal injury and workman’s compensation claims. Electronic journals are tied to the security video without being altered making it admissible in a court of law.

·         Single-Source Provider: Virtual site manager comes with the convenience of a single-source solution provider of products, software and support. Panasonic offers more than 30 years of experience in the food services industry.

Panasonic also offers indoor digital signage solutions for quick-serve applications, including menu boards, greeter boards, promotional signage, private network displays and self-service food ordering kiosks. These complete solutions include displays, media players, content creation, remote monitoring and content management, as well as installation and service. Panasonic digital signage provides rapid, measurable ROI, while reducing costs, driving higher ticket sales and improving the customer experience inside the restaurant.