Panchero’s Mexican Grill is adding some much-needed spice to the catering game with the debut of its new catering program.

“It allows us to further separate ourselves from the competition and give our customers what they want exactly when they want it,” said Panchero’s founder Rodney L. Anderson.

Launched on April 2, the Panchero’s catering program includes the menu staples including burrito bowls, tacos, salads, and Panchero’s trademark fresh-pressed tortillas for parties of any size. To ensure optimum travel, each ingredient is individually packaged and then assembled on-site with the provided plates and utensils.

“A catering program was something our franchisees and customers alike had been asking about but instead of turning the idea into a reality overnight, we took the time to develop a plan we knew would be successful on all levels,” says Anderson.

“After many long hours with test groups of all sizes, we figured out exactly what worked and exactly what didn’t and streamlined the model to include only the most efficient products and services. The result is what you see today: A simplistic and delicious approach to catering.”