Pizza point of sale provider SpeedLine Solutions Inc. announced a new five-year agreement with Papa Gino’s Inc. to provide point of sale software support and upgrades to the restaurant company’s 273 corporately owned Papa Gino’s Pizza and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches locations.


Our restaurant POS systems are mission critical,” says Papa Gino’s CFO Corey Wendland. “This agreement with SpeedLine will ensure that our restaurant staff have uninterrupted access to technical support for day to day operations and ongoing product upgrades to support our strategic technology initiatives.”

Papa Gino’s completed a chain-wide rollout of SpeedLine POS software to its corporately owned restaurant locations in 2012, connecting the restaurant POS with all the company’s existing head office systems, nine external systems, and SpeedLink Enterprise database at Papa Gino’s headquarters

“This agreement will allow SpeedLine and Papa Gino’s to work together on long term strategic development and implementation projects,” comments SpeedLine president John de Wolde, while it provides Papa Gino’s with affordable and predictable services for longer term financial planning.

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