Del Taco today announced it has completed a development agreement
with Arizona Del to build six new restaurants in Phoenix.

The first Del Taco franchisee to open a Del Taco in Phoenix in June 1999, Arizona Del currently operates six restaurants in the
greater Phoenix area. In just two years, Del Taco has opened 19 locations in Arizona.

“This is the second agreement in recent months where a relatively new Del Taco franchisee has seen the success of our business
model, and has decided to aquire a second territory of expansion,” said Ron Petty, Del Taco president. “Arizona as a whole has
really grown fast for us, and this agreement will put us well ahead of our development schedule for the state.”

This agreement is part of more than 30 franchise development agreements that have been signed in the past two years to open an
additional 200+ restaurants across the United States.

Del Taco is a privately held company that operates, or franchises, more than 385 Mexican quick service restaurants throughout the
United States. Del Taco is the second largest Mexican restaurant chain in the United States with individual restaurant sales volumes
that exceed all other Mexican quick service competitors.

Del Taco features fresh ingredients, made-to-order food, unique Mexican entrees, and an American menu that includes double
cheeseburgers, shakes and crinkle cut fries. Del Taco restaurants are designed with a festive interior and drive thru.

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